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Spreading the News about Your Special Day through Hashtags! #PWEevents

Noticing more and more couples using hashtags to spread the word around their special day? Hashtags have become one of the fastest growing forms of photo sharing. It is a great way for couples to document their entire wedding planning process from engagement through their “I Do’s.” Let’s talk about what a hashtag entails and how it can … Continue reading Spreading the News about Your Special Day through Hashtags! #PWEevents

Serve your alcohol with a punch

At a recent wedding, instead of having a full bar or serving a signature drink, the caterer served cocktail punches. This is a great way to have another option for your guests and save you money on alcohol as well. You could offer beer and a couple of these cocktail punches. The punches could be … Continue reading Serve your alcohol with a punch

Jenny Garringer officiating ceremony

Joan & Tony – May 27, 2012

This weekend we were able to see a couple so truly in love with one another that it was almost contagious. We had gotten to know the couple over the past 10 months as we helped them throughout the entire process of planning their special day. We saw them through finding a venue, then having … Continue reading Joan & Tony – May 27, 2012

We need your vote!

Our friends at Prime Time Party Rental are hosting their annual Tabletop Competition. There are four separate categories and several entries in each category. We are obviously in the Event Planner category and we would LOVE to get to the finals this year. Please, please, please take a couple seconds and visit the following Facebook … Continue reading We need your vote!

Ways to make sure your reception isn’t boring

No one wants a boring reception so below are some ideas to ensure your guests have a good time at your wedding. Make sure you incorporate your personality into the reception. Make sure there are things to do when you are taking pictures after the ceremony. This is where a good cocktail hour can be a … Continue reading Ways to make sure your reception isn’t boring