Here are a couple testimonials from former apprentices and interns about the experience they had working with the Pink with Envy team.


Pink with Envy Intern Jensine
Former Intern
“The ladies at Pink with Envy are very organized and passionate about what they do, which is extremely evident in the services they provide. While working with this team, I learned so much about event planning; from the bigger tasks down to the tiny details that make a day extra special. The hands-on experiences I received were invaluable to my learning. I would recommend working with Pink with Envy to anyone and I am extremely excited that they are going to be starting their very own apprenticeship program!”


Pink with Envy Apprentice Emily
Former Apprentice
“As an aspiring event planner, being involved with Pink with Envy has been an amazing experience. They are organized, professional and passionate about what they do and can execute any event making it stress free and memorable for every client. While working with this team, I have learned the ins and outs of event planning along with all of the small details that are involved with implementing an event. All the experiences I was exposed to were valuable to my overall learning and growing as an event planner. I would recommend Pink with Envy to anyone, their professionalism and knowledge are clearly shown in the services they provide to their clients.”

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