Pinterest’s 2018 Wedding Report Reveals New and Emerging Trends

2018 Pinterest Wedding Report - Pink with Envy Events - Dayton Cincinnati Ohio Wedding PlannerPinterest unveiled their 2018 Wedding Report this week and many of the items don’t come as a surprise to us since we have already started seeing these in our upcoming weddings. Pinterest is such a HUGE part of many people’s wedding inspiration so it is very telling to see what is being searched by couples and how those items impact future trends.

As a wedding planning company, we often help couples with the logistics of their wedding day but the parts that most people remember are the aesthetics that make the event special and tailored to the couple. A lot of time is spent pinning ideas (and we mean A LOT of time) and we work with our clients to figure out how to make the elements they “pin” go together in a cohesive way, all while fitting within their budget constraints.

Overall the trend is…sweet and simple. Couples are looking at ways to get back to the basics. You will see this across the board in the top trending pins as far as decor inspired by nature, simple makeup, low-key foods, etc. More natural weddings are increasing in popularity compared to the over-the-top, blinged out weddings we’ve seen for many years.

We encourage you to check out our breakdown of the Wedding Report and see if there are any items that appeal to you. Let the pinning begin!


One of the biggest trends is an alternative to a traditional alter. With couples not necessarily getting married in a church, they are looking at other ways to make the front of the ceremony area special. Many are looking at ways to let nature serve as their backdrop (+259%).

The idea of a camp wedding (+95%) and activities to entertain your guests as they play wedding games (+69%) or help create a Jenga guest book (+216%) are also trending.

Unconventional materials like acrylic signs (+194%), cement accents (+320%) and DIY confetti (+432%) are on the rise as couples are continuing to incorporate offbeat accents.

More and more geometric shapes are popping in to a variety of places including 3D invitations (+188%) and place settings (+145%).

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When couples are looking to add some floral pop to their wedding, the top 5 ways of doing this are:

  1. Potted plants (+782%)

  2. Suspended flowers (+346%)

  3. Floral cocktails (+247%)

  4. Single-stem proteas (+121%)

  5. Minimal arrangements (+113%)

Couples are also looking at ways to make a a grand entrance with one-of-a-kind arrivals (+356%) on things like boats or scooters.  While others are looking for a no-frill wedding in a courthouse ceremony (+129%).

Wedding Style and Attire

When it comes to wedding dresses, comfort is trending. Brides are turning to high necklines (+351%) and extra coverage like boleros (+163%) or even a cape (+88%). The trends of  sleeves (+75%) and flats (+119%) making it easier to dance with all of your friends and family. An alternative to a dress, jumpsuits (+178%) are also being pinned. This could be as a replacement for a traditional wedding dress or as an option to change into for the reception.

Brides are also interested in moving away from the traditional white or ivory as we see rose (+46%) and champagne dresses (+358%) being researched. As far as jewelry, backdrop necklaces (+207%) are a great way to add minimal bling in an unexpected way.

As we move to the hair and makeup for a wedding day, brides are opting for messy updos (1247%) and hair combs (+89%) along with soft waves with side parts (+55%).

While lip gloss (+459%) and barely-there shine (+343%) are the sought-after elements for makeup, long, lush lashes are still strongly desired, indicated from the pins up 152% on Pinterest.

Groom’s are showing interest in tweed suits (+165%) and tie-free ensembles (+459%), both of which can allow more of their personality to come through.

Honeymoons and Trips

If you are looking for relaxing destination for a bachelor(ette) party where you can decompress, consider going off-the-grid with a spa retreat (+187%).

Once the wedding planning is done and the ceremony and reception are over, it’s time for some R & R. These amazing options for honeymoon destinations are swoon worthy and popular amongst wedding pinners:

  1. Switzerland (+856%)

  2. African safari (+219%)

  3. Bali (+145%)

If you want help figuring out how to make your wildest Pinterest dreams come true, contact us! We offer jumpstart packages to get you started down the right path as well as design/decor consultations if you just need help developing your overall theme. Feel free to reach out to us at

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