Get to Know…Brooke


  1. Were you named after anyone? The character, Brooke English, from the soap opera, All My Children
  2. Where were you born? Zanesville, Ohio
  3. What’s your favorite movie? Under the Tuscan Sun, any Disney movie and pretty much any Christmas movie!
  4. Do you like your handwriting? No
  5. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Not usually
  6. A book you plan on reading? #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness
  7. A book that you read in school that positively shaped you? Charlotte’s Web
  8. Favorite TV show that’s currently on? This Is Us
  9. Favorite cereal? Froot Loops
  10. iPhone or Android? iPhone
  11. Twitter or Instagram? Instagram for sure!
  12. What is your favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid (The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are a close tie for second)
  13. What’s your favorite food? Cheese…like all of it!
  14. Least favorite food? Anything green probably
  15. What do you love on your pizza? Simply pepperoni and cheese
  16. Favorite drink? Diet Coke
  17. Favorite dessert? Red Velvet cake or Black Raspberry Chip ice cream
  18. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Both!
  19. Coffee or tea? Neither!
  20. Road trip or cruise? If both end up at a beach, I don’t care!
  21. Favorite musician? Dolly Parton
  22. Favorite song? Too hard to choose!!
  23. Bungee jump or skydive? Neither!
  24. If you could master one instrument, what would it be? Guitar
  25. If you had a tattoo, where would it be? Full sleeve
  26. To be or not to be? That is the question?
  27. Puppies or kittens? PUPPIES
  28. Bird-watching or whale-watching? Whale-watching
  29. Best gift you’ve ever received? My husband found my favorite lunchbox from when I was a kid and got it for me!
  30. Best gift you’ve ever given? I like to make a lot of photo gifts for people
  31. Last gift you gave a friend? Wedding present
  32. Do you have a sibling? Yes, 1 sister and 1 brother
  33. What’s your favorite board game? Mall Madness
  34. What’s the last country you visited? Jamaica
  35. What country do you wish to visit? Ireland or Scotland
  36. What’s your favorite color? Depends on the day
  37. Least favorite color? Brown
  38. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds
  39. Heels or flats? Flats
  40. What is something you can’t do? Cartwheel
  41. Jogging or swimming? Swimming
  42. Best way to de-stress? Good dinner with friends
  43. If you had one superpower, what would it be? The ability to teleport, so I could get places quickly
  44. What’s the weirdest word in the English language? Moist
  45. What’s your favorite flower? I’m not picky, just not lilies because they make me sneeze.
  46. When was the last time you cried? At our partner, Jennifer’s, wedding!
  47. Do you bake? YES!
  48. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? Sometimes I take things too personally
  49. What is your most favorite thing about yourself? My honesty
  50. Who do you miss most? My friends who live out-of-state
  51. What are you listening to right now? Christmas Music
  52. Favorite smell? The beach…sunscreen
  53. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My mom
  54. Who was the last person you sent a text to? My mom
  55. A sport you wish you could play? Golf
  56. Hair color? Blonde
  57. Eye color? Green
  58. Scary film or happy endings? Happy endings all the way
  59. Favorite season? I love them all for different reasons
  60. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with? Dolly Parton, Gary Vaynurchuk, and Mother Teresa
  61. Hugs or kisses? Kisses
  62. New Kids on the Block or the Backstreet Boys? NKOTB!
  63. Ketchup or mustard on a hot dog? Ewww…hot dogs…gross
  64. What is the farthest you have been from home? Europe
  65. Sweet or savory? Sweet
  66. Lipstick or lip gloss? Lip Gloss
  67. What book have you read again and again? The 5 People You Meet in Heaven
  68. What would be the title of your autobiography? There’s Nothing You Can’t Fix with Queso: A Tale of Triumph and Cheese
  69. Favorite sound? The ocean
  70. Favorite animal? My dog, Charlie
  71. Who is your girl crush? Carrie Underwood
  72. Least favorite part of a wedding? When the couple doesn’t hire a planner 🙂
  73. Favorite part of a wedding? When the couple sees each other for the first time!

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