When the Planner Becomes the Client: Part 8 – I’m getting married a month from today!

One Month Out!

Well its official we’re one month away from the big day! Needless to say our “to-do” list is rapidly moving along and more items being added daily. So what should you be doing one month out from your wedding? Here’s a few things we suggest.

  1. Send out rehearsal dinner invitations. Since your big day is approaching fast, we recommend letting guests know that if they are unable to attend dinner, regrets only. There’s no need for you to have to add additional RSVP’s to your list.

Pro Tip: A great way to let your bridal party know the time and location of your rehearsal add a special note in their invitation. Since your dinner guest list might differ from your rehearsal list, this is a great way to get the word out without calling or emailing each bridal party member.


  1. Get your marriage license! If you do not live in the same state you plan to marry. You will want to be sure you obtain your marriage license in the county of which your ceremony will take place. States vary, however most allow you to obtain your license at least 60 days in advance. Again, we recommend checking your local court’s website.

Pro Tip: Make sure you research ahead of time what is required. Additionally see if there are any documents you can print from your state’s website to have filled out prior to your arrival. Lastly, make sure you know the hours of operation. Most government facilities have more unique hours.


  1. Did you reserve room blocks for your guests? This is the time you will want to follow-up on how many rooms have been reserved and if you need to open additional rooms. We actually exceeded our initial block so we were able to get the hotel to open up more rooms for our wedding guests.

Pro Tip: This is an area we like to really emphasize. A lot of hotels now require a strict contract when reserving a block of rooms. If you do not end up using your entire contracted block you’ll more than likely face additional fees so be sure to stay on top of your hotel!


  1. Meet with your officiant to plan your ceremony. Go through the items you want to include like Bible verses, poems, special elements like a sand ceremony or unity candle, etc.

Pro Tip: When meeting with your officiant be sure to come prepared to let them know the type of ceremony you’re looking to have. If you’re doing specific readings have those with you. There are a lot of variations and options for readings and you want to be sure you have the right one for you.


  1. Design and print stationery for the day of the wedding. Things like menu cards, programs and even place cards can be completed ahead of time.

Pro Tip: At this point your menu selections should be narrowed down, so why not go ahead design and print your menu cards? Menu cards are also a great place to thank your guests for attending your special day. We recommend adding a special note at the top or bottom. Programs can be simple and brief to give your guests the basic run-down of the ceremony – introducing your bridal party along with the order of ceremony are the minimum items you need.


We know there is a lot more that goes into the month out of planning however, these are the items we feel are most important. As always, we recommend staying on top of all your to-do list items daily. The more you can do now, the less you’re stressed about later. Happy Planning!




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