When the Planner Becomes the Client: Part 5 – T minus 3 months

Honeymoon3 MONTHS!!!

It’s hard to believe we’re three months out! To-do items are approaching quick and we’re finalizing a lot of little details. So what have we been up to for the last two weeks? As mentioned in my previous blog we were taking our honeymoon. It was great and we enjoyed our time away. Once home, we took a week off to be with family and friends before picking back up.

image1This past week, I was so excited to pick up our envelopes from our calligrapher. My goodness, I was blown away, Suzy Richardt Lettering was amazing. Her work blew us away (well maybe me more than Colin), she’s truly a talented calligrapher and comes highly recommended. Regardless of your calligraphy need, be sure to check out Suzy! I can’t wait for all of our guests to get their invitations and see the full package. We love them!

We also went ahead and booked our transportation for our after-party. We wanted to make sure everyone can have a good time and doesn’t have to be worried about driving anywhere. We decided to go with Willow Wind Carriage and Limo. We’ve had such a great working relationship with the owners, Mary and Terry, for many years. I knew when it came to our event we would be pleased and happy with their services.

Next weekend holds my bridal shower and bachelorette festivities. We’re so thankful for our amazing bridal party for all their help and collaboration with everything.

So what should you be doing three months out from your wedding day? Here are a few items we recommend:

  • Finalize wedding invitations
  • Book your dress fitting
  • Order or purchase all wedding day accessories
  • Communicate with out of town guests about accommodations
  • Make sure your registry is updated for bridal showers
  • Make sure to have thank you notes handy and ready!
  • Follow-up with groomsmen on their tux rentals

Happy planning!

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