When the Planner Becomes the Client: Part 4 – What’s in a Name

It’s hard to believe that our original wedding date would have been a little over a week ago! We are so glad that we opted to move it to November so we could truly enjoy our engagement.

As most couples, they go on a honeymoon shortly after saying their “I do’s” and we are no different. Despite the change in date of our wedding, we decided to stay on course and continue with our original “honeymoon” plans.  With our schedules and the nature of our trip (we actually booked it last summer), it was going to be too difficult to move and would also run into family holidays so away we go!

As I was preparing to leave, I thought of some tips and tricks that might be useful as you prepare for your honeymoon.

Certified Sandals SpecialistFirst, did you know Pink with Envy is Sandals certified? That’s right, if you’re looking for that all inclusive getaway for your special trip, reach out to us and we can help! Sandals is a great way to really maximize your honeymoon expenses. This particular chain is all inclusive! Once you enter the resort property, you can literally lock up your wallet and enjoy yourself…no need to worry about money or tips during your stay. You won’t need to get out your wallet unless you want to take home any souvenirs. The Sandals resorts are designed specifically for couples so it is a great way to honeymoon but also celebrate anniversaries or just get away as a couple. Sandals truly is a Luxury Included vacation with sites all over the Caribbean.

Another great all inclusive option…cruises. What better way to hit multiple destinations in one week?! As you’re probably aware the cruise line options and destinations are endless. However, speaking from past experiences, Colin and I prefer Royal Caribbean.

So, your honeymoon is booked – now what? Well plane tickets are next. So imagine this, you’re all excited about your new last name and think “well when we leave I will be married so my ticket should reflect my married name.” Wrong, whatever you do don’t book your ticket with your new last name! Unfortunately we see and hear of this a lot! Until your social security card and license are changed, your maiden is the only name you should be using. Another tip, airlines provide so many great options for flights, especially Southwest. They offer a “let’s get away package.” Best part, it still provides you with two free checked bags, priority check-in and refreshments on the plane. Downside you’re usually closer to the back. However, saving some money is saving some money, right!?!?

Honeymoon destinations are endless and the choice should boil down to you as couple. Just be sure you pick a place that you both find appealing. Splurge a little bit, it’s ok! If you are planning to start a family, this may be the last trip where the two of you can truly enjoy being a couple. Savor it! When you arrive, turn off your phones, disconnect from the world and enjoy each other. Besides you’ve earned it at this point, you just finished planning a wedding!

Happy-Mooning! Bon Voyage!

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