When the Planner Becomes the Client: Part 3 – We’re 4 Months Out!!

Wow, it’s hard to believe we are just about four months out from the big day! FOUR MONTHS!!! Where has the time gone?!?

July has been a busy month for us! We’ve locked down a lot of final details and our to-do list is getting smaller. Below I broke down some key things to think about when you hit that “busy” point of your engagement.

Venue Walk-Through and Layout:

  • Be sure to come equipped with all questions pertaining to your wedding day.
  • Prior to your meeting have in your head what your overall vision is for your event. This will help your venue lock down your details.
  • Have a solid idea of guest count. Having this information will help with the creation of your table layout and room setup.
  • A few things to consider asking about: lighting, staff that will be on-site, dressing rooms, and for us, coat check.

Invitation Design and Printing:

We were extremely fortunate to have a wonderful and close friend design our invitations. She was able to bring our vision to life and provide us the opportunity to express our event style.

After our invitations were designed, we worked with a local company, Westendorf Printing, to actually have them printed. WOW, what a great company to work with! Being a small business owner myself, I’m an advocate of supporting local. Westendorf was beyond amazing. They were quick to respond to emails and extremely efficient when printing our invitations. I would highly recommend!

Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette book

This is a great resource for everything wedding-related.

Here are some things to keep in mind when finalizing your invitations.

  • Spelling…check it! And then check it again! Oh, and then have others check it. I’m not kidding, sometimes you are so close to it that you miss the smallest of details.
  • Make sure the wording is correct! Did you know if you’re not getting married in a church, you should use  the phrase “the pleasure of your company” instead of “request the honour of your presence” in the invitation wording. I could go on and on about invitation wording. If you ever want to polish up on your skills, a great resource is Emily Post!
  • Also, remember what I said last week, you should never include your registry information on your invitations!


  • If you decide to use a calligrapher, be sure to reach out to them at least six months out. Typically they like to have your order in hand about 4-6 weeks before you are planning to mail your invitations.
  • Most charge by the envelope and the type of services they will be providing (ink type, font type, etc.)
  • Be sure to ask what format the calligrapher would like to have your invite list in. We’ve found most prefer excel.
  • Once again, SPELLING! Double check the spelling of each guest’s name. Thank goodness for Facebook. If you’re questioning any form of spelling, check social media. If not, reach out to the guest.
  • Also make sure the mailing addresses are correct. In today’s electronic age, sometimes we don’t always have everyone’s actual mailing address so make sure you are acquiring all of those in the months leading up to this.
  • Make sure you address professional titles correctly. Did you know that if you’re addressing a doctor, you spell out the word Doctor? Do not use the abbreviation Dr.  Also, if the doctor is female, her name actually comes first before her spouse (i.e. Doctor Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe) unless they are both doctors.
  • Again, when in doubt, read Emily Post!

Hair and Makeup Trial:

  • Make sure you ask your stylist how he/she prefers your hair the day of your trial. Did you know “dirty” hair isn’t preferred like it used to be? Stylists typically prefer clean, dry hair. That way they can manipulate the hair the way they need to. Day-old hair can tend to run oily which is harder for the stylist to work with.
  • Make sure your face is clean and moisturized with a lotion that suits your skin.
  • Bring hair accessories, jewelry, veil and any other accessory you plan to use.
  • In an ideal world, scheduling your first dress fitting on the same day as your hair/makeup trial helps you see the full picture! This allows you to see everything together pretty close to the way it will look on your wedding day.

Again, these are just a few tips and tricks when completing your to-do items! Happy Planning!

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