When the Planner Becomes the Client: Part 2 – There’s an App for That!

Something that Colin and I have experienced a lot of during our planning process is the common phrase “did you download the app?” There seems to be an app for everything so here is my breakdown of a couple apps that have worked the best and been the most helpful for us.

Wedding Registries


Registering at a store before a WWE event (it’s my guilty pleasure)

Please don’t get your hopes up for the opportunity to walk around with your fiancé and “zap” your must have’s with a handy zapper gun. Nope, there’s an app for that now. So how does this work? Before going into the store, I would recommend setting up your registry via computer then downloading the app. That will save you some time once you’re in the store. Then, instead of the zapper gun we used to see, you “zap” barcodes with your phone using the app.

It’s usually best to register at 2-3 stores and be practical. Don’t go crazy and scan tons of things you won’t really use. Try to have a lot of smaller items and a few larger ticket items for close family or maybe even a group of people to go together and gift for you. img_0820

Etiquette Tip: Being the lover of all things wedding etiquette related, I thought you should know that you should NEVER include your registry information on your formal invitation! It’s ok to include it on your wedding website and obviously on your shower invitations but NEVER EVER on your formal wedding invitations.


Wedding Website

427579_10151419154195473_953850646_nBeing a huge fan on the business side of WeddingWire, I figured why not do all of our website information that way too? A lot of couples use The Knot but for Colin and I, we preferred WeddingWire’s offerings. It was just more organized and less chaotic in appearance.

Do they have an app? Sure they do! It comes fully equipped with countdowns, checklists, hashtag generator, reminders and tips. Love it!

logo2x-4affa7f04a4f03d09b42cd7c0829501894aacc29a4c5848a6f5e498fd406eaedWeddingWire also has an app called WedSocial that links to your wedding website. This app allows you to share important information for your wedding weekend. Guests can post pictures to your WedSocial page as well. What better way to share information and memories?! As a planner this excites me. We hate to hear a bride or groom state guests bothered them during their special day asking questions. Providing all necessary tools for guests…sign me up!

Technology has become a big part of our lives, knowing how to use it to your benefit, especially when planning your wedding, is key. Hopefully these tips can help you when planning your wedding!

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