Nashville to Dayton: How do you plan a long-distance bridal shower?

Well, the answer is very simple…hire a planner, which is exactly what yesterday’s client did. She actually found us on WeddingWire and reached out to us about helping her execute her vision for her cousin’s family bridal shower. She is an extremely busy professional living in Nashville, Tennessee and simply didn’t have the time to research vendors, place orders, shop for decor, etc. This is where we came in to help.

Having already researched and booked a location – Coco’s Bistro – we stepped in to assist her from there. She had a specific budget and vision in mind for the day. Through a few phone calls and numerous emails over the past 6 weeks, we worked with her to create exactly the look and feel she was going for with the event. We shared samples/ideas with her and once we received her approval to move forward, we went ahead and booked her florist, bakery and started shopping for some small decor elements. We met her for the first time yesterday after we had the space at Coco’s setup for the shower. She was ecstatic with the way it turned out and was thoroughly impressed with the floral arrangements we ordered for her through Sherwood Florist. As soon as the flowers arrived, the wonderful smell of peonies blanketed the room.

We wanted to send a special shout-out to Sherwood for going above and beyond what was ordered and even providing a last-minute addition to make the dessert table, featuring Mehaffie’s Pies, extra special. The pies were important since we found out that the bride-to-be LOVES pie.

We are so happy that we could make this intimate bridal shower luncheon special and easy for the host. As wedding planners, this is another example of a service we can provide for clients. The host didn’t have to worry about running around, trying to find good vendors and decorations from hundreds of miles away. She could relax and really focus on celebrating the event with her family.

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