Pink with Envy American Sign Museum

LNG Meeting at American Sign Museum

We had another fun evening at our quarterly Association of Bridal Consultant’s Local Networking Group (LNG) meeting on April 30th.  This time we were in Cincinnati at the American Sign Museum.  We had a wonderful turn out of a variety of vendors in addition to Dayton and Cincinnati-based planners!  We also enjoyed delicious macarons from the fabulous Macaron Bar too! Can you say yum?

We were able to learn about this fabulous under-tapped venue.  The museum has a perfect description from their website:

“Arranged like an old-time Main Street, ASM’s nearly 20,000 square feet of exhibit space is lit up with historic signs collected from around the country.
Your guests can tour the museum or simply enjoy an exciting evening of food and entertainment against the backdrop of our storefront displays. We’ve done a lot of the decorating for you, but imagine the possibilities for special themes and creative elements! The facilities accommodate everything from intimate groups of 50 to large gatherings of 350.”

It is great venue but also a unique spot for a photo shoot. After learning about the facility we were able to do a vintage sign scavenger hunt!  We divided up into teams to learn more about the facility and the history behind the signs while racing to check off our tasks on the scavenger hunt list. This was such a fun and informative way to get to know a venue first hand!

Plans for our next LNG should be coming soon! We hope you all are having a fabulous start to summer! Cheers!

XOXO Your Pinkies

P.S. The American Sign Museum is offering a unique “No Moms Allowed” event this Sunday as a part of their 10-year anniversary festivities. This event is especially for dads and kids, so moms can get everyone out of the house, take a break and maybe pamper themselves on Mother’s Day. For more information, visit:

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