Pinkies at Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

Pinkies having fun at Halloween circa 2010

Pinkies having a little fun at Halloween

The Pinkies wish everyone a very spooky and fun Halloween this year!!

As you are putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume, we thought we would share a few fun and easy treats to add to your tricks this Friday! Here are some simple treats that will be sure to please all the ghouls and goblins, while staying in the Halloween spirit!



Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

photo 11

These were so simple. Sugar cookies with some creative icing! Who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie? If you have a spectacular sugar cookie recipe, feel free to channel your inner Martha Stewart by using that.

Nightmare Before Christmas cookiesFor a Pinkie on a time crunch, we used Betty Crocker’s pre-made drop cookie mix. Once baked and cooled, we simply iced with white whipped icing and piped the many faces of the Pumpkin King Jack using black decorative gel. I just Googled “Nightmare Before Christmas” and got some great faces to recreate!

Spooktacular Boo Bananas

Boo bananas - white chocolate covered "ghost" bananasThis was so easy, requires only 4 items to make and I was able to make them in about 10 minutes! They were a hit! Simply cut a banana in half. Once in half, slice it in half again down the middle so the back is flat (each banana produces 4 ghosts!) Carefully insert a popsicle stick in the bottom.

Spread bananas onto a wax paper cookie sheet. Spoon melted white chocolate over the banana and add mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth. I then popped them into the freezer to harden. Once hard, I kept them in a Tupperware container in the freezer until serving!

Mini Caramel Apples

This also only required 3 ingredients. I used a melon baller to make mini apple balls. Once I had those completed I used mini pretzel sticks to insert in the top. Then I melted some caramel bits and had at it! They were a little hard to dip so I drizzled the caramel instead, then placed on wax paper to harden.

Only a few tips of advice with this – one is that I would make them the same day you plan to serve them and also maybe use actual sucker sticks instead of pretzels only because they got a little soggy, but other than that for my first attempt they were also a hit with everyone!

Zombie Cupcakes

I enlisted the help of some local goblins to help me decorate some cupcakes! I simply used Halloween Funfetti cake mix with some cute Halloween cupcake liners. I also found a zombie hand chocolate mold and pre-made some lovely green hands to add for fun. Once the cupcakes had cooled, I let the little goblins take over. I provided orange and black icing, decorative gels, the chocolate zombie hands and of course Halloween sprinkles. What is a cupcake without sprinkles! The creations were devilishly delicious!

Halloween cupcake carrierMeijer had this adorable cupcake carrier for $14.99 (I just had to buy it to add to the festivities) which helped keep all the cupcakes fresh and also made for a great display on the party table.

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