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Spreading the News about Your Special Day through Hashtags! #PWEevents

Wedding Hashtags - Pink with Envy Event Planning Services #PWEeventsNoticing more and more couples using hashtags to spread the word around their special day? Hashtags have become one of the fastest growing forms of photo sharing. It is a great way for couples to document their entire wedding planning process from engagement through their “I Do’s.”

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Let’s talk about what a hashtag entails and how it can benefit couples during their wedding journey. A hashtag provides a way to link photos to the Internet for anyone to see. If you are concerned with privacy, a hashtag is something you will want to avoid using. We always like to forewarn couples in advance that once the flurry of activity begins, all photos posted are online for everyone that searches your hashtag to see.

How can it benefit a couple? Do you have family across the country? Do you wish to share your journey with friends and family that are close to you? If so, then a hashtag is a great way to do so. Sharing photos during your engagement and through your special day can provide distant family and friends a way to stay connected. Plus we’ve heard many clients say that they love going through all the pictures that their friends and family have posted when they are on their honeymoon. It also allows you to get a completely different perspective of your day and you can see them immediately.

Eileen and Russ Hashtag - Top of the Market

Prior to selecting what hashtag is right for you, make sure the hashtag has not been used by someone else. How do you go about checking your hashtag? We recommend checking Google, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as four of the first places to ensure your hashtag is unique to you. Once you have done this, spread the word. Let friends, family and your wedding professionals know that you have created a hashtag. Speaking on behalf of all wedding planners, we can honestly say a hashtag is a great way for us to share décor photos, sneak peeks and fun moments you or your guests might not see.

Hilary and Matt Hashtag

Wondering how to create the right combination for your hashtag. Most couples link their two names together whether it is first and last names, last names with first initials, first initials with one last name. We have even noticed couples combining their names to create a Hollywood feel, similar to the well known “Brangelina” the way that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are commonly referred in the media. The options are endless! Whatever you select for your special hashtag make sure it is sounds good, looks good and does not contain too many letters where guests have a hard time remembering. You can include it on your save the date, the wedding website, or on signs during the cocktail hour and at the reception.

Want some fun ways to show off your hashtag? We love this article from the June 2014 edition of Brides Magazine on 10 stylish ways to spread the word of your hashtag.

Feel free to follow our hashtag to see some of the items we regularly post from weddings and events that we are coordinating. #pweevents

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