Dog engagement photo

Ways to incorporate a pet into your wedding

Ways to Incorporate a Pet into a Wedding - Pink with Envy Event Planning ServicesMany of us couldn’t imagine celebrating any major milestones, including our wedding, without our beloved pet. Dogs become such a special part of the family that you integrate them into your lives and they serve as a beacon of happiness. Plus they just look so cute when you dress them up!

There are many ways that you can make sure Fido is included in your upcoming nuptials. Think about some of the following:

  • Include them in your Engagement Session – You can get some great family photos from your session.
  • Maybe even bring an extra friend to help handle them or get them to look at the camera.
  • On your save the date, invitation or other stationary you are using in your wedding
  • Have them pose in cute ways for table number photos – who wouldn’t want to look at Fido all night?!??!
  • Have them carry a “Here comes the bride” sign down the aisle (or around their neck) – They can have their own special, “eyes on them” moment before you walk down the aisle.
  • Dog Ring BearerHave them be the Ring Bearer or Flower Girl – one of our couples had their dog (pictured on the left) do this for their wedding…he even wore a bow tie collar to dress up for the wedding.
  • Have them walk down the aisle with a Bridesmaid/Groomsman- Preferably one they are comfortable with and could get them to sit up front with everyone if possible.
  • Make a donation to your favorite local shelter instead of favors – Who doesn’t want to give back to the community in honor of their pet?
  • Consider having your pet(s) replicated in cake form. Wicked Cake Creations - Dog CakeCheck out this specialty cake made by our friend Stacey Prunier of Wicked Cake Creations. You could use something like this as a groom’s cake.







All of these are amazing ideas but as much as we love our pets we should be realistic and think about what’s best for your pet too! Consider some of the following if you are thinking of implementing some of the above ideas:

  • Consider the Pets Personality – As much as you love them can they handle large crowds?
  • Consider their Size – Especially if you have a larger dog…do you want them to drag you down the aisle?
  • Consider who will watch them during the ceremony and beyond – Having a separate designated pet sitter/person they trust will be imperative in keeping them calm. They might be just as nervous as you are! Also, be sure to have plenty of treats and water on hand.
  • Make sure pets are allowed at your ceremony site – You have everything planned out and the perfect doggie tux picked out and you realize “NO PETS ALLOWED.” Don’t set yourself up for disappointment.
  • Ask before you plan.
  • Notify and talk with your photographer – We believe your photos are some of the most important things you will take away from your special day. Make sure that your photographer is comfortable with pets and then also be specific with them at what you are hoping to achieve with your pet’s involvement, so they know what moments to focus on with them so you have a lasting memory.

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