Thinking about having an outdoor wedding?

Tips for Outdoor Weddings - Pink with Envy Event Planning Services - Photo: Pianki PhotographyIf you are thinking of hosting an outdoor wedding, be sure to check out some helpful tips to ensure it’s a little less stressful!

Spring not only brings beautiful flowers, weather and wedded bliss, it also brings the desire for couples to host their wedding outdoors. Holding an outdoor wedding can bring stress and headaches over the worry of weather conditions. In addition to weather, you need to consider your guests, bridal party and even yourself. If you decide to host an outdoor wedding we recommend informing your guests. This allows them to dress appropriately and plan accordingly if weather conditions take a turn the day of your wedding. A comfortable guest is a happy guest. If you are planning to have your cocktail hour out on a lawn, consider saying that on the invitation. That way a woman that likes to wear heels may know to wear flats instead or could plan to have heel covers like these from Solemates.

20140525-210246.jpg Also, be considerate of your bridal party. When shopping for a wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses , consider the season. If weather conditions can be hit or miss, think about dresses with breathable material for warmer weather or a light shawl in case the weather is colder than expected.

Our biggest piece of advice for an outdoor wedding is to be sure you have a backup plan. This will allow you to sleep better knowing that you have all your bases covered. Your backup plan doesn’t need to be anything elaborate. Some couples decide to host their ceremony in the same location as their reception. Guests can be seated at their table and your wedding planner can create an aisle along with a beautiful backdrop for your nuptials.

Another thing to think about is sound. Make sure that your guests can hear the ceremony. Nothing is worse than sitting in the hot sun at a ceremony that you can’t even hear. Consider having a lavalier microphone for at least your officiant. If you can mic the groom too, it’s even better. This is a good tip for any wedding, inside or out!

As far as flowers, don’t forget to think about how they will react to weather on your wedding day. For example, you may not want to use hydrangeas in your bouquets if you are getting married during the hottest days of the summer because they will be quick to wilt in the heat. They like to stay hydrated just like you and prefer to be kept in water when they are not being used for pictures or the ceremony. Also be aware of what flowers might attract insects because the last thing you want is someone getting stung or a swatting away a swarm of insects on your special day. Items like these can be avoided by consulting with your florist about what flowers are best to use for the season and the location. You might also consider using citronella candles instead of a standard candle to help keep bugs at bay.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and we just recommend that you work closely with your wedding planner and vendors to ensure you are covered and have backup plans, just in case things don’t go as expected.

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.

~ Denis Waitley

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