Ways to make sure your reception isn’t boring

No one wants a boring reception so below are some ideas to ensure your guests have a good time at your wedding. Make sure you incorporate your personality into the reception.
  • Make sure there are things to do when you are taking pictures after the ceremony. This is where a good cocktail hour can be a life saver. Provide snacks, music and lounge areas for guests to mingle and have fun.
  • Consider your venue. Renting a museum or a zoo with exhibit areas can create memorable photo opportunities as well as provides guests with a once in a lifetime experience for guests!
  • Think beyond cake. Offer a full dessert bar for guests with a sweet tooth. Whoopie pies, truffles, cupcakes, candies and cookies can be a welcome change from the standard cake options. If you love Laura’s Cookies from Dorothy Lane Market then offer those as a option instead of traditional cake. Another option is the cake pop which make a great favor or dessert for the wedding. Check out some of the cake pop options offered by Frosted. Not only are they great but they can add a lot of color and personality to your reception especially if you choose from some of their shape options that fit within your theme.
  • Photobooths! They can double as a favor for both you and your guests plus it gives them something to do and promotes good old fashioned fun. Provide a few props like feather boas, funny hats, or costumes to allow your guests to personalize their photos. Who doesn’t love making funny faces and dressing up?
  • Cater to the guys at the wedding. We all know that most of the things associated with the wedding aren’t usually geared toward the male population. Set up a “Wedding Man Cave” with a cigar rolling station, craps table, and TV to watch any games they might be missing.
  • Your DJ or band is almost the most crucial part of keeping a wedding going. Whether hiring a DJ or a band, ask if you can sneak a peek at one of their events to ensure guests are genuinely having a great time.
  • Spend some time on your seating chart. There is nothing more uncomfortable sitting at a table where you don’t know anyone. Putting people together you know will enjoy chatting with each other promote laughter and fun. It’s a cost free way to ensure your guests spend time with the people they like and have fun.
  • Bring in special entertainment. Magicians, belly dancers, artists of all sorts can bring about lots of fun!
  • Another trend is bringing in a late night snack toward the end of the evening. Bring in some sliders from White Castle or whatever is your favorite late night food to share with your guests. It is a fun way to surprise your guests, plus it allows the couple to bring in some more of their personality into the reception!

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