Ways to cut your wedding budget

10 Ways to Cut your Wedding Budget - Pink with Envy Event Planning Services

  1. First and foremost ESTABLISH A BUDGET. Actually creating one will help you track your spending. Those who use one tend to spend less than those couples who don’t.
  2. Cut your guest list if possible. This saves a lot on catering and bar charges as well as rentals.
  3. Get married in off-peak seasons or on a Friday or Sunday. Great way to take advantage of seasonal discounts.
  4. Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot. Helps cut travel costs for vendors and most places offer a discount for booking both.
  5. Shop for seasonal decorations after their intended holidays. Get black vases after Halloween or pink and red items after Valentine’s Day etc.
  6. Use flowers that are in season. They are less expensive and still just as pretty!
  7. Offer beer, wine and one signature cocktail instead of a full bar
  8. Have your favors act as place cards! Double Duty!
  9. Check if your vendors work with each other to provide discounts. Sometimes if you book them as a group they offer special discounts or additional free services
  10. Finally, know when to DIY and know when to get the help of a professional. While there are many successful DIY projects for weddings, sometimes knowing when to have a professional do it can save you money and most importantly your precious time and sanity! Although there may be an upfront cost for hiring professional planners, they can actually end up saving you money in the end because of the networks and connections they have with a wide array of vendors.

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