Hints for Having Holiday Parties

Pink with Envy - Hints for Holiday Parties

Want to throw the perfect holiday party? Don’t want to break the bank? Don’t know where to start? Here are some helpful hints to ensure your guests have an amazing time while keeping your wallet and sanity intact!

  1. Create an interesting centerpiece. Using extra holiday items you might already have like ornaments in a glass container, pine cones, candles, chargers or fruit like cranberries etc to add extra flair to dining tables and buffets.
  2. Create festive place cards out of extra wrapping paper or gift tags
  3. In the age of technology and convenience, utilize online invitation websites like evite.com or pingg.com that do most of the work for you to invite guests. It is an easy way to maintain your contact lists for future parties and monitor RSVP’s.
  4. Give memorable inexpensive favors like your favorite Christmas cookie recipe, a cookie cutter, or an ornament to commemorate the occasion.
  5. Explore different themes like throwing a festive holiday brunch, a classic cookie exchange or a holiday wine tasting where everyone brings their favorite bottle to share. Put a new twist on an old favorite and have a tree trimming party in which all guests leave with an ornament.
  6. Rather than rushing out to buy expensive new china, glasses and silverware for a holiday get-together, consider renting it. No matter where you live, chances are there’s a party rental store near you. The prices are reasonable and by renting rather than buying you also avoid having to store the items year after year.
  7. A simple way to give your holiday decorations a professionally decorated look is to stick to just two or three colors. Deciding on a palette before you shop makes the selection process quick and easy.
  8. Flickering candlelight is beautiful, but if small children or pets will be part of the celebration substitute battery-powered votive and pillar candles for a warm glow without the worries.
  9. To cover an unusually shaped or extra-long table, simply drape it with fabric from the bolt. Measure the length of the table keeping in mind that 36 inches is equivalent to one yard. Add a few inches to each side to allow the fabric to puddle on the ground – no sewing required.
  10. Set the mood with a homemade CD or computer playlist of holiday songs. It’s easy to make and you’ll get to hear your favorite mix of seasonal tunes. Remember to keep the music low – conversation is what counts at any celebration.

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